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- the module controls a train (locomotive) between 2 stations.

- suitable for DC system 

- the module can be combined with a DCC system, but this section must be insulated from other rails
- adjustable: speed, acceleration, deceleration, station delay
- the counter starts counting after the train arrives at the station (the distance between stations can be as long as you need)

- middle station input (as many as you need)

- output for 3x two-way signal lights
- station delay between 10 seconds - 10 minutes
- optical status indication (onboard LEDs)

- main board power supply: 8-20V AC/ 10-25V DC

- IBT-2 module power supply: 8-25V DC!

- max. output current (IBT-2): 30 ampers

- signal light outputs: max. 100mA / output

- with 3x TCRT5000 sensors

Shuttle train controller XL

40,00 €Price
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