Neopixel controller

Neopixel controller



This module is suitable to control a digital LED strip like WS2812 or similar (5V DC). 


Ideal to decorate your windows, house, Christmas tree, or fireplace.


5V power supply.


2 different program groups (choosable with on-board pinhead).


2 output pins to connect two LED strips.


More than 50 different animations (sparkle, KITT, strobe, rainbow, Candy cane, running lights, confetti, etc.).


Please, mark as a comment your LED strip pixel quantity before ordering (max 140).


Video: soon


Calculating the power supply:
One LED chip is about 0.3W. If you use 5m 30 LEDs/m (total LED strip is 150 LEDs), so 0.3W x 150 = 45W.

The LED strip works 5V, so 45W / 5V = 9A. So the power supply must be 9A or more.

    15,00 €Price
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